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Make your life more Healthier

Rafia Hospital Pvt. Limited is committed to render the possible standard service to the people of the country at an affordable cost. This will definitely reduce the burden of the government and will make the path of "Health for all".

About Us

Rafia Hospital (Pvt.) Limited, registered by Ministry of Health, Govt. of Bangladesh, License no. 5427 & 2475, situated at Ati Bazar road, Keranigonj, Dhaka-1312. Rafia Hospital (Pvt.) Limited (RHPL) is an integrated, efficient, high-quality health care system where the patient service comes first priority. We are an organization of health care service Provider who maintains high standard of quality, cost effective and patient satisfaction. We seek to improve the health of the communities and workers. We serve by delivering a board range of health service with sensitively to the individual needs of our patient. Rafia Hospital (Pvt.) Limited is situated Ati Bazar road, Keranigonj, Dhaka-1312 .The Institution has modern diagnostic equipments for all kinds of operation including Laparoscopic operation like lap. Hysterectomy, Diagnostic therapeutic Laparoscopy, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Appendiccectomy, Tran’s urethral renal stone removal, Normal delivery, Caesarean section etc. For your kind information I want to mention that Medicine, Surgery and Gynae specialist doctor’s chamber are also available here. Senior Emergency Medical Officer (MBBS) are available for 24 hours. The institution (RHPL) has Digital X-ray, 4D color Dopplar Digital Ultrasonography (USG), Auto analyzer Biochemistry machine, Echocardiography, ECG machine. Rafia Hospital (Pvt.) Limited. Has modern equipment’s for emergency management like cut injury, head injury, industrial injury, Burn injury and also all kinds of occupational Hazard.

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Our Mission

The hospital is started with the attainable mission of providing “better patient care to the needy and poor people at free of cost.” With the above said mission, the poor, sick and wounded persons of Guntur district and other neighboring districts will be very much benefited.

Our History

Founded in 2007, recognized the potential for.

Customer getting the safety service efficiently.

Right safety service done accurately and transparently.

Company's Philosophy

Rafia Hospital (Pvt.) Limited philosophy is an attempt to conceive and present medical and surgical, special specific departments towards client extended services.

Inclusive and systematic view of the Universe and its main place in it. Client’s admission to till discharge care.

A philosophy for Rafia Hospital (Pvt.) Limited is department commitments or programmes which were rendered for individuals or particulars groups in the achievement of their purpose towards preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative.

Philosophy is science which is concerned with casualty because care and effect scientifically diagnosed for treatment purpose.

By this institution we believe that client care is a close relation between order of plan and order of action.

We believe that through this institution health education to the clients, in service education to the medical, nursing paramedical staff.

Acquire and acceptable philosophy of both education and life and research activities for existing health problems.

Institution believes that every client has been satisfied by service provided regarding Bio-psychological and Spiritual needs.

Medical services for individual who are in need, as the right to receive optimum are regardless of race, religion or social status.

We believe that administrative nursing, medical care are dynamic evolving from changing in health care and advice in medical science and technology.

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Up to 90% cheaper, still feasible during economic recession

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Over 75 (+) relation in National and Multinational Organization.

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We emphasize on Quality, Speed and Accuracy

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